Simplify and strengthen your HR processes with automated compliance and reporting

Allied Reporting for

Human Resources

Allied Reporting offers advanced solutions for automating, tracking, and reporting on various HR processes, empowering your business with enhanced efficiency and compliance. From staff issues and assessments to counselling and compliance reporting, our streamlined system ensures that your HR tasks are managed seamlessly. By transitioning to smart forms with integrated notifications and approvals workflow, you can eliminate manual processing and focus on more strategic HR initiatives.

With Allied Reporting, take your HR operations to the next level and create a harmonious work environment that fosters growth and success for your entire team.

Compliance and Risk

Allied Reporting automates operational reporting and compliance, allowing businesses to efficiently track and report on staff issues, assessments, and counselling. With standardised digital reporting and record-keeping, alongside transparent access controls and audit logging, Allied Reporting ensures a clear and accountable HR management system.

Reporting and Statistics

Capture and track critical HR data, including staff issues, training, and assessments, fostering transparency and accountability. By utilising powerful dashboards and charts, Allied Reporting provides valuable insights into HR performance and trends, enabling data-driven decision-making to enhance workforce management and efficiency.

Workflow Automation

Streamline HR processes with operational checklists, compliance reporting, and automated notifications, reducing manual tasks and ensuring seamless task management. Leveraging Allied Reporting, businesses can efficiently manage employee onboarding, training, and reviews, enabling HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

A full suite of tools to support your human resources operations and compliance

Background Checks

Email Notifications

Links to Staff Rosters and Management

Multi Venue Support

Digital Document Repository

Incident Reporting and Tracking

Develop a custom solution to meet your specific business needs.

Leverage Allied Reporting’s years of first hand experience to develop an integrated business platform that meets all your operational, governance, risk and compliance needs.