Allied Reporting

Delivering Operational and Reporting Accountability for Hospitality Venues.

  • Operational integration of key business units.
  • Transparent business reporting and overview.
  • Standardisation and automation of business workflow.

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governance, risk and compliance solution for your hospitality business.


and Risk


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How it works

  • Scope your business processes

    We work closely with you to understand your challenges and scope out your exact operational needs.

  • Deploy a custom solution

    We deploy a customised solution designed to meet your specific business needs and continue to work alongside you to further validate assumptions.

  • Maintain and iterate

    We partner with you to ensure continued updates meet your needs and update the solution based on your valuable feedback.

Operational Integration of Key Business Units


Report and track incidents, exclusions, complaints, KYC and more. Visualise gaming and payout data across all venues.

Human Resources

Automate operational reporting and compliance. Track and report on staff issues, couselling, assessments, WHS and more.


Automate contractor onboarding and compliance. Manage and track all maintenace operations occuring within your venues.


Manage marketing and event calendars. Visualise and aggregate event and venue incident data and more.

Develop a custom solution to meet your specific business needs.

Leverage Allied Reporting’s years of first hand experience to develop an integrated business platform that meets all your operational, governance, risk and compliance needs.

Business and Reporting Solutions for Hospitality Venues


Compliance and Risk

Accountability and Standardisation

Bring all of your key business operations and administration together on a single, paperless platform. Allied Reporting standardises and aggregates all of your venue reporting including shift reports, incident reports, staff councilling and assessments, exclusions, complaints and more.

Allied Reporting collects and contextualises all of your business operational information. With this system you can maintain a clear record of what happened, when within all your hospitality premises.

  • Standardised digital reporting and record keeping.
  • One contextualised view of key business operations across all venues.
  • Fully transparent access controls and audit logging.
  • Automated compliance and review processes.

Reporting and Statistics

Transparent Oversight and Powerful Insights

Allied Reporting provides a consistent, intuitive interface for capturing key reporting data that is critical to running a compliant and efficient hospitality venue. Draw on timely inputs from multiple business units and staff to gather a clear overview of your venue’s operations.

Dashboards and charts provide powerful insights into your business data and all venue operations over configurable time series. Make informed operational decisions based on transparent, contextualised data.

  • Real time shift and incident reports and charts.
  • WHS and maintenance reporting and summaries.
  • Track patron incidents, police inspections and more.
  • Aggregate data across multiple venues.

Workflow Automation

Efficient, Integrated Operations

Streamline and standardise business process with operational check lists and compliance reporting. Remove manual processing and reporting by transitioning to smart forms with integrated notifications and approvals workflow. Improve venue management with automated maintenance onboarding, review and tracking.

  • Task dashboards, check lists and workflows.
  • Automated notifications, requests and followups.
  • Customisable group reporting and notifications.
  • Consolidated document capture, review and governance

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A full suite of tools to support your hospitality venue operations

Links to Staff Rosters and Management

Digital Document Repository

Email Notifications

Background Checks

Training and CPD

Multi Venue Support

Marketing and Event Calendars

Risk Analyser

A long history of providing quality service and advice.

Drawing from the wider range of Group Product offerings, Allied Reporting brings a wealth of first hand experience to the development of integrated operational systems for hospitality venues.

Allied Reporting’s proven insights and operational excellence draw on decades of experience in operations, security, human resources, development, training and more. This extensive expertise is distilled and embedded into the Allied Reporting platform.