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Allied Management Reporting

Our Allied Management Reporting software is a highly-configurable Management Reporting program that enables all operational areas within your business to report and record daily operational, human resource and risk management activities.



Get the finanical reports you need

Daily banking spreadsheets can now be completed online providing greater transparency and efficiency in daily reporting. Information can now be accessible at the end of each trading shift.



Keep  track of your staff

Human Resources Management is a key component of the daily efficiencies within your organisations.  Entry logs of staffing or performance issues, absences or late arrivals are all documented and actionable by the Human Resources Manager.



 Managing your complaints and incidents

All incidents likely to become a matter of civil or criminal liability or lead to a complaint are documented in this area. The reports are comprehensive ensuring there is relevant structure, content, context and relevance to reports generated.  These reports are referred to as SAM reports (Security & Management) and are actionable. This also includes reporting of First Aid administered or Slip, Trips and fall.




Stay on top of your maintenance

Fire, Security alarms generate stakeholder interest. Maintenance reporting of this activities is reported in this area for a maintenance manager to action as required.




Take control of your legal compliance

 The electronic reporting system allows the end user to have automated processes that can easily be accounted to ALEC, OLGR and other relevant authorities.

Information is populated automatically to ensure no duplication of data or double handling. An automated process ensure all line manager have direct access to compliance reporting.




A better way to work together

Employee contact list or key person contacts can be made readily available for better managing or accessibility to key contact persons within your organisation. Discussion forums allow for the proper planning and management of upcoming events.